THE 1link Disposal Network is seeing volumes of ex-lease rental cars and vans above that of pre-lockdown levels.

The platform, which is part of epyx, sells end of lease vehicles to a network of 3000 independent dealers and franchise traders.

It is the first tentative sign that the remarketing sector was now developing a sustainable cycle post coronavirus crisis, according to Debbie Fox, commercial director at epyx. She said:

“When dealers first reopened a few weeks ago, there was still very little activity on the platform because they needed to sell stock that they had been holding for several months.
“However, most have had a very buoyant immediate post-lockdown period and now need to replenish their stock levels, so we are starting to see that feeding through into increased demand.
“Certainly, over the last week, sales volumes on 1link Disposal Network are ramping up and beating the kinds of levels that we saw in March before the crisis started to really bite.
“The supply side is also beginning to improve, with fleets that provide stock onto the platform entering into relatively routine defleeting. A rhythm to remarketing activity is emerging.”

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