AS drivers start to go back to work, a fifth have found that they are making mistakes as drivers readjust to driving again.

While the average driver generally covers 583 miles a month, during lockdown that has dropped to just 90 miles.

The survey of 2000 motorists, which was conducted by Hyundai, found that they were struggling to readjust to life behind the wheel.

  • 28 per cent had stalled their car
  • 21 per cent had kerbed their wheels
  • 21 per cent had forgotten to indicate.
  • 12 per cent had forgotten which side the fuel filler was located when visiting a fuel filling station

Clive Buhagiar, head of operational services at Alphabet says that his advice for fleets as they go back to work is to ensure car checks are done before setting off. So areas such as tyre pressures, fluid levels, and battery charge in particular to ensure there were not a string of breakdowns.

“As we start to return to the roads, we’re facing a challenge as an industry on how we all increase services again without overwhelming the supply chains. The focus initially needs to be on maintaining a flat level of demand on services and prioritising key areas while we support the network back to full capacity, to keep customers safe.

“This is why throughout lockdown, we’ve regularly contacted our customers and retailers to provide advice on how to keep vehicles in good shape while not in regular use and the checks that everyone needs to make.

“These may only seem small, but completing these checks is key to preventing a bottleneck on repairs and maintenance when we’re back to full mobility and is the first piece of advice we’re giving to all our fleet customers before returning to the road.”

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