BROKER funder Alphabet has given its AlphaGuide a revamp for a better user experience.

The app is free to use for any drivers where brokers have transacted a lease underwritten by Alphabet. To access the app, drivers just need to use their Alphabet contract number.

The freely accessible app provides drivers with easy to use self-service features.

Functions include a mileage tracker, nearby fuel and charge stations, service booking options, damage reporting, tyre replacements and bespoke hotlines.

Our new AlphaGuide app is all about providing drivers with an improved digital experience that matches the quality of our service. The accessibility of important functions is not just for convenience. In stressful situations, such as minor accidents, a flat tyre or paying a fine, the new AlphaGuide app is going to be central to a driver’s mobility needs.

Markus Deusing, global chief commercial officer, Alphabet

Deusing said that Alphabet was working on the development of further functionality for the app to support Alphabet’s drivers during the lease lifecycle. These include:

  • payment options, 
  • order updates, 
  • email based log-ins, and 
  • LCV driver checklists which can be submitted directly to a fleet manager.

“Back in 2010, we were the first provider in our industry to introduce such an app – and we are continually working to improve and add new features to it,” Deusing continued.

“For example, enabling activation and payment at electric charging stations via the app will provide a more seamless and less complicated experience. Moreover, we are also working on the launch of a new feature which combines image recognition and machine learning. This new feature will detect minor issues like scratches, tyre or glass damage through a driver’s smartphone camera and automatically suggest helpful services like roadside assistance.”

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