RAMS FM’s distinctive yellow and black fleet has turned green – thanks to Bristolian-based broker Bluepoppy Vehicle Solutions. 

The reactive cleaning specialist turned to Bluepoppy when looking to switch to a new fleet of 25 electric vehicles. The company wanted staff in greener vehicles, not only reducing Rams FM’s environmental impact, but also providing lower running costs.

Further benefits included exemption from the London Congestion Charge and Ultra Low Emission Zones, as well as other benefits such as no parking charges in certain areas.

Bluepoppy sourced a mixture of models from Nissan and MINI, and Rams FM’s fleet also now includes the all-electric DS 3 Crossback E-Tense.

The contract hire deal includes maintenance and tyres, bundling everything up for convenient cost control, along with a pooled mileage, so drivers don’t have to keep on switching vehicles to avoid excess costs.

To make life running electric vehicles easier, Rams FM has installed EV charge points at its West Byfleet in Surrey depot, and drivers have installed Zap-Map on their phones to locate charging points when out in the field.

Rams FM CEO Rob Sutherland said: “The cleaning industry has been focused on being environmentally responsible for well over a decade and great efforts to be clean if you pardon the pun! The next part of the process was to look at our own carbon footprint and how to reduce it.

We reviewed our environmental policies and wanted to deliver our specialist cleaning in the greenest and most responsible way. 

“We reached out to Bluepoppy as they have extensive knowledge in the fleet supply industry and understand the demands of the cleaning and hygiene industry. Both Claire Green and Paul Watts-Barnes have worked in this arena for many years and understand the complexities we face. 

Bluepoppy sourced EV for RAMS FM

“They gave expert advice, sourced the vehicles and finance and ensured we had the right charging infrastructure. They also pooled our mileage as the reactive nature of our work means we had the flexibility needed in this industry.”

Paul Watts-Barnes, director of Bluepoppy Vehicle Solutions, added:

“Engaging with SME fleets and assisting them in the decarbonisation of their fleet is central to our operation, and with our increasing fleet management expertise, we can now provide firms with a holistic view of how to source and manage a greener fleet.”

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