LEASING brokers offering vans should take note of this growing opportunity: home shopping and home supply services during the pandemic have highlighted a noticeable shift in fleet attitudes to commercial vehicle branding.

According to Mediafleet, an Oxfordshire-based graphics and wrapping specialist, businesses are realising that their vans are now potentially one of the most visible and effective marketing tools of the customer experience.

This is part of a longer term shift but the days when we were asked to simply find an interesting way of applying a company logo to a vehicle are now part of the past.

It says that companies are now investing more time and resources in getting the image right for their vans.

Barnaby Smith, managing director of Mediafleet, commented:

“Many shoppers are now satisfying their shopping needs with home delivery. For companies that place a high degree of importance on their image, this means ensuring that the home shopping experience reinforces their brand values and the delivery vehicle is part of this, along with factors such as the packing materials used and their online presence.

“Delivery from a vehicle that has strong and creative branding is a priority for a growing number of fleets. The last 12 months have been our most successful ever as a company and this trend is one of several that have driven that accomplishment.”

the Modern Milkman uses van branding to help market its message

Case study: The Modern Milkman

Simon Mellin (pictured above) is founder and CEO at The Modern Milkman who has recognised the importance of van branding.

He said “Distinguishable branding that is creative and memorable allows the brand to be visible to more people. We’re on a mission to reduce waste, particularly plastic waste, through return and reuse grocery delivery. For us to help make real, tangible change in the world, we need sustainable lifestyle choices to be convenient and accessible to all – lots of small changes add up to be part of the solution, but we can only do this if there’s awareness of our brand. Mediafleet’s help with our fleet branding will continue to help spread our message and get even more people involved”.

Barnaby added that this home retail branding trend was very much part of a general shift towards an increasing degree of professionalism being applied to processes surrounding the onboarding of fleet vans.

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