Don’t ignore the brokers Volvo

On a global basis, Volvo would dearly love its customer to form an orderly digital queue to acquire electric Volvos through Volvo channels. It’s a brand dream. And it simply won’t work. Market channels in the UK are too complex for such a simple approach and the broker market not only has digital advantage, it has consumer reach. And it has choice. If Volvo choses to ringfence its product from brokers, there’s only one outcome: and it won’t be good for Volvo.

This week I have been heartened by the spirit of leasing brokers. Intelligent Car Leasing has helped rectify an awful act of racism (see below); Low Cost Vans has helped a small business get on its feet with a new van.  Both are great stories.

Ralph Morton, editor

Key stories this week:

  • Fleet Procure grows to 21,000 unit buying platform
  • Volvo looks to exclude brokers
  • Read the rest of the newsletter here: Broker News, 10 March 2021
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