OEMs react swiftly to grant cut

WHILE the cut to the Plug-in Car Grant was, to say the least, unexpected, the OEMs are organising themselves pretty quickly under the new £35k cut off point. Citroen was the first to react with its new e-C4 model now below the new EV waterline. Yesterday Vauxhall also realigned prices of its Mokka-e to ensure it now qualifies for the grant.

I was talking to Lee Jones, MD of Fleet Procure earlier in the week, who told me that OEM EV support would continue in one form or another to the end of the quarter and “we’ll see similar incentives around EVs continuing into Q2 as manufacturers weigh up demand against loss of the grant.”  

In the meantime we’re heading into the final days of Q1 trading which appears to have been strong for all brokers I’ve spoken to – let’s hope the progress continues for the next quarter.

Ralph Morton, editor

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