Innovative ideas force change

Hats off to Paul Fagan for choosing an intriguing way to raise finance for the EV-only brokerage WeVee. Good luck to him and the team on Seedrs.

Taking a new approach is sometimes the best way to make change happen, which is exactly what John Hazlett and Frontier Vehicle Leasing have done by teaming up with Select Car Leasing as the Reading broker’s latest AR.

And offering a new approach to the market was exactly the approach of LeaseForce, the brokerage run by two ex-BMW Park Lane employees.

However, not all ‘innovative’ ideas really quite work out…do they Voltswagen. Or should that be Volkswagen? Or perhaps just Volte Face?

Ralph Morton, editor

Key stories this week:

  • Frontier Vehicle Leasing becomes a Select AR
  • Paul Fagan’s WeVee to crowdfund on Seedrs
  • Read the rest of the newsletter here: Broker News, 31 March 2021
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