CARMMUNITY is planning to expand its offering beyond Ford now that it has moved into larger premises (see Carmmunity opens new office).

Starting end January, 2020, the Derby-based Ford terms holder has been offering terms on selected BMW models through its Carmmunity portal. The terms are via a dealer rather than direct from BMW.

Sales & marketing director, Hamel Patel, said that Carmmunity had already offered terms on non-Ford models during Q3 2019 as a soft launch to ensure the business could process orders through its portal.

Nevertheless, Patel said Ford will remain the mainstay of the business.

“We don’t see it being an issue offering deals on a different marque,” said Patel. “It’s already the case with other Ford terms holders, so I think it’s an area we can develop. It certainly allows us to offer an alternative rather than lose a sale.”

Patel added that there were currently a range of special launch offers while its BMW terms were “best in class”.

Carmmunity users can log in with their existing details to access the BMW terms.

The addition of further brands is promised by Carmmunity.

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