WEST Country leasing broker, Carparison, is the first broker to offer full commission disclosure on all lease deals.

While Kew Vehicle Leasing was the first broker to disclose finance commission, Carparison is the first to display it on both regulated and non-regulated leases.

The move to greater openness is part of a revamp of the broker’s website.

The slick and easy to use design facilitates comprehensive lease deal customisation, and also provides site visitors easy identification of the cheapest possible contract terms.

The new design has taken 10 months to complete. Carparison says the new website offers a “seamless, transparent and intelligent solution that takes the leg work out of leasing a new vehicle”.

Alongside the commission disclosure, website visitors can fully personalise a quotation online without requiring to contact a Carparison sales representative.

Matt Woodward, general sales manager, commented:

“As the face of our business it was crucial that our new website would emulate the five-star customer experience we are so proud to offer and ultimately guide our customers to their ideal lease vehicle as quickly and easily as possible.

“In an industry first, Carparison’s new website will display the commission earned from each and every lease deal online. The commission disclosure will sit alongside other applicable fees and inclusive features relating to the chosen lease.”

new carparison website customer accountCustomer account area 

The new Carparison website also features a new customer account area with details of all past and present vehicle Carparison leases (right). Customers request access via a website form and login details are provided within 48 business hours. The user account will also allow customers to track the progress of their orders via various check points designed to help customers prepare for next steps, including delivery, in real time.

Sarah Hunt, marketing manager, added:

“With the world in lockdown in response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, it may seem an unlikely time to launch and promote a new website. However, we wanted to remain true to our original launch schedule and therefore hopefully contribute to some good news for both the leasing industry and for small businesses generally in this tumultuous time.”

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