EXETER based broker Carparison has teamed up with Lightfoot to promote greener and more economical driving.

Lightfoot is a dashboard based traffic light system that provides visual encouragement for drivers to drive more smoothly and more efficiently.

Smoother drivers use up to 30% less fuel according to Lightfoot experience, with potential savings of up to £400 on fuel spend while also polluting the atmosphere significantly less.

Matt Woodward, general sales manager at Carparison commented:

“We are delighted to become Lightfoot’s eco-partner. We wholeheartedly support their ambitions of both prompting and rewarding more economical driving.

“The software is great for fleets like our own as it not only saves on fuel costs but rewards the drivers themselves with great prizes on a weekly basis. But also for individual drivers who want to make a real difference to their carbon footprint and to their own expenditure.”

The Lighfoot system works by two illuminated rows of lights on the dashboard unit. The first refers to r long-term driving style; the second provides real-time feedback.

A green light means efficient driving, amber means slightly less efficient and a red means you’re a foot stomping gas guzzler.

“By working together, we will be able to support Carparison in minimising the impact that cars leased through them have on our environment,” added Paul Pugsley, Lightfoot’s commercial executive.

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