EXETER broker Carparison has snaffled a stock of Long Range Tesla Model 3s. Some stock: 100 Tesla Model 3s to be precise.

The cars, which can travel up to 360 miles on a charge, were delivered to the fast-expanding brokerage last week.

Carparison says that as a result, it will be able to offer some of the most competitive monthly lease rentals on Model 3 Standard Range Plus and Long Range lease deals.

We are committed to finding the very best cars out there and we work tirelessly to produce the best prices and deals for our customers. We feel this is especially prominent with electric cars as the price continues to be a pinch point for many. Committing to the quantities we have will allow us to reduce the lease cost for our customers. As they are in stock with us, we are also able to get the cars to their new homes sooner.

Matt Woodward, general manager, Carparison

Although the Tesla Model 3 became a casualty of the change to the Plug-in Car Grant  when the number 4 selling car in March became ineligible for the £2500 government contribution, Tesla responded by lowering the base price of the Standard car by £2500 and the Long Range by £1500, according to price intelligence from broker procurement platform Fleet Procure.

Carparison says that customers wanting a Tesla Model 3 lease could be driving one within three weeks. Collection can be arranged either from the broker’s compound or by delivery to the customer’s house.

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