CARPARISON’s partnership with eco-driving experts Lightfoot has proven that it’s not what you drive, it’s how you drive that’s important.

The theory was put to the test with Exeter-based broker Carparison lending its Mercedes-Benz A35 AMG to Lightfoot’s youngest member of staff. The hot-hatch was fitted with Lightfoot’s monitoring device for two weeks’ worth of typical driving.

Scores were delivered for the first week – driven ‘blind’ – and the second week, when eco-driving feedback and advice were provided. An improvement to 67% from just 14% was the result of the test, indicating significant improvements are possible.

Matt Woodward, Carparison general sales manager, said:

“This is a really exciting partnership for both Carparison and Lightfoot. If we can mutually promote some initiatives that help keep our lovely corner of the world clean and green while understanding that not everyone is quite ready for the full transition to fully electric vehicles, then all for the better.”

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