Silverstone frustrated at tackling ‘relentless’ industry challenges

Silverstone frustration at relentless challenges

SILVERSTONE Fleet Management has said that continued issues in vehicle supply have created a frustrating and turbulent trading period for both the firm and the industry in general.  A combination of Brexit, worldwide pandemic, fuel shortages and rising costs, plus vehicle supply problems largely because of semi-conductor shortages have been bad enough. The recent conflict in Ukraine has hindered things further because…

BVRLA urges Chancellor to #SeeTheBenefit

BVRLA offices

THE BVRLA is calling on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to support the uptake of electric cars by keeping Benefit in Kind (BIK) rates low beyond the current 2024/25 published figures. Pointing to the success of the current tax system for electric cars, the #SeeTheBenefit campaign is encouraging industry professionals to write to their local MP to educate them on how company…

CLM announces management buy out

CLM Fleet Management buy out

CLM Fleet Management has confirmed that it is now an independently-owned business, following the completion go its management buy out (MBO). Formerly part of the Maxxia Group, fleet management specialists CLM is now owned by a management team consisting of CEO John Lawrence, CCO Andy Short, and CIO Andrew Beard. The deal comes after the team negotiated a deal with Maxxia’s backers,…