In this feature survey on broker website providers we cover:

  • What’s driving the market?
  • Who are the main broker website providers?
  • What are their costs?
  • What are the features of each broker website package?
  • Broker user experience
  • Full contact details
  • Checklist

Introduction and market overview

THE market for leasing broker websites was galvanised in late 2018. It was then that, what was Contract Hire & Leasing, began its transformation into, which launched to market in February 2019.

With its business to consumer focus, launched with a major advertising spend for its “Say goodbye to buying” campaign across social, radio, TV and outdoor advertising.

And where the old Contract Hire & Leasing was full of ‘race to the bottom rates’ on cars that may or may not have existed, the new was designed to be more consumer friendly, to provide a better user experience.

It launched a strict Code of Conduct, that all advertising partners should hold at least one direct relationship with a funding partner to reinforce the quality of offers provided to users, and all independent leasing brokers should be BVRLA leasing broker members.

All of this happily raised standards. Paul Harrison, head of strategic partnerships, notes:

“’s vision is to be the trusted, champion of car leasing and we want to position our hundreds of advertising partners right at the heart of the growth in personal leasing.

“As the car leasing experts, we help our partners promote their offers to our large and engaged consumer audience and our proposition complements a broker’s own website and other digital marketing.

“Our Code of Conduct sets out the standards we expect of our partners, which helps to ensure high-standards for consumers and a fair playing field for other partners on”

Nevertheless, the new pricing structure changed – to reflect the better quality of leads – but that in turn raised broker costs.

Which in turn started brokers on the path towards generating more organic traffic. And to consider the quality of the online experience they were offering potential leasing customers.

Say goodbye to buying advertising campaign
Aggregator’s ‘Say goodbye to buying’ advertising campaign

Lease deal aggregators stimulate market

Mike Eve, whose Calas product has been the go-to for most brokers wanting an easy-to-manage website, says:

“Of course there are always opportunities for alternative providers in this relatively small target audience. I think this has been stimulated by the growing realisation that brokers cannot simply rely on the aggregators to deliver marketing leads but they need to create organic growth of their own.”

It’s certainly the increasing number of aggregators – such as Carwow, Leaseloco, LeaseFetcher and Moneyshake – that Fabio Basile, founder and design director of Leasa, identifies as a stimulus for the website provider market.

He acknowledges that the increasing number of marketing portals and aggregators do a “fantastic job” of driving leads to brokers and fuelling growth, but the byproduct of this is the potential to diminish the impact and uniqueness of the broker’s individual brand.

Basile adds:

“Right now there’s a perfect storm of deal/vehicle availability and large-scale advertising by OEMs that’s driving consumers towards new car leasing. But the digital experience via broker websites is often quite poor – damaging consumer confidence.

“There aren’t many options for brokers looking at web solutions either. There are ‘broker in a box’ template solutions for new businesses at £300-400 a month – or the completely bespoke design and development option at £50k build and ongoing maintenance/enhancement (and way, way upwards). There’s really not much in between, which means mid-sized brokers lose out, and potentially limit their speed of growth, too.”

Rebecca Duckworth, chief sales officer at Quotevine, agrees:

“A website is your shop window. If the window display is poor, the customer is likely to look elsewhere. Combine a great shop window, a myriad of the best deals, with an impressive customer experience, and you’ll have a customer for life.”

The search for a better customer UX

Ash Edmonson calls it the cookie cutter syndrome in a market that has seen substantial growth, particularly in the PCH sector.

Latest BVRLA sector data shows that there was 23% PCH growth in H1 2019, and an increase in the overall number of vehicles on contract: up 338,111 – an increase of 35,699 year on year.

Broker contracts continue upwards


The Jacit creative director believes a customer’s inability to distinguish between so many same-look websites with the same offering is damaging. More variety, different content, better presentation – all of this is required.

“On the back of the industry growth new website providers have entered the market, such as ourselves at Jacit, who are focused on combining innovative technology with creative design and user experiences.”

Others include Fifty2One and myDVS, whose national sales manager – Brett Lilley – believes its platform has become a real disruptor in the market.

“It was designed to be more bespoke than any of the platforms out there and allow both small and large brokers the opportunity to individualise and tailor a website to their own requirements – effectively they have a website that is as good as a super broker operation.”

Lilley says the myDVS business has grown significantly over the last couple of years and has helped many companies enter the leasing arena.

Happy family motoring in a leased car from a broker

Consumer change in behaviour

Perhaps the most significant new entrant into the market has been cap hpi with its Broker Complete offering.

cap data underpins most of the leasing broker sector, although there are other suppliers such as KeeResources. So for the provider of cap codes and cap data to enter the market is significant. It has done so in partnership with ODO, the broker fleet management provider.

Amanda Morgan, who is head of strategic partners at cap hpi, sees changing customer attitudes towards traditional car ownership patterns as a driver for the company’s entry into the broker website provider market. She says:

“There has been a shift away from ownership and cars have become a commodity that people now like to lease. It is an affordable choice for most people with the option to choose a payment profile and term to suit their needs and financial position.

“Consumers are driving this demand for leasing vehicles. They need access to companies with websites that will provide them with all the information needed to make an informed choice. These website solutions are not only fulfilling the need to enhance the customer experience of selecting a vehicle to lease but provide the back-office platforms to help brokers to manage their customers, their orders and contracts. They are providing all the required business tools to help drive these businesses forward.”

All of which points to far greater opportunities for brokers to improve that all important aspect of their sites: the user experience.

Add in the opportunity to improve organic traffic and there’s clearly an opportunity for brokers to improve their business.

But which of these website providers is right for your individual brokerage? Have they got what your business is looking for? And what sort of support will you get?

We invited the leading providers in this space to take part in our survey of service provision and cost. It’s not comprehensive because not everyone accepted our invitation.

Nevertheless, the providers we have assembled are the biggest in the market. And except for going the expensive route of bespoke build, offer the best way for brokers to market their business, their leasing offers and their customer informative content.

We asked them to provide cost of set up and monthly ongoing cost, and to explain the key features of their websites, and the number of users. We also contacted brokers to ask their opinion of the website platform.

The companies are listed in alpha order.

The best website providers to the broker market

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Automotive Media Systems Ltd T/A Calas

Main contact

Michael Eve – managing director

Set up fee and monthly on-cost

£495 + VAT setup with ongoing monthly from £329 + VAT per month.

Do you offer training as part of your set up fee?

There is full support, via video tutorials, help sections and dedicated support staff.

What are the key features of your broker website offering?

Calas has been trading for nearly 14 years offering ready-to-retail broker websites for an affordable monthly cost and backed by robust dependability.

We are the only true independent software company dedicated to the broker industry: we live it, breath it and deliver solutions for it.

Our team is UK based, and all build, hosting and development is carried out in-house.

The new mobile friendly and fully responsive Calas websites are being rolled out to customers during Q1 2020 offering the full broker solution of front end website, a back end client management system and a variety of marketing solutions. The design is SEO friendly (including a readable URL structure) to help boost broker website rankings.

An unlimited amount of advertisements can be uploaded to maximise marketing offers while there is the option of taking advertisements from over 50 main dealers included in the standard price. Email flyers can be created and sent from the system rather than using third party service providers.

Automated aggregator feeds go direct to, Cars2buy, Moneyshake, LeaseLoco and many more.

Also included in the Calas package is full website hosting, bespoke branding, traffic reporting via Google Analytics, online finance application forms plus a fully maintained vehicle image library which is updated weekly.

The vehicle database is direct from trusted experts KeeResources.

Further benefits include Integrated quotation forms which can be emailed directly from client records plus the ability to create and personalise stationery for customer quotations and order forms.

There are a number of affordable upgrade options to enhance customer service levels such as text/SMS message sending and e-signature sending directly from client records.

Finally the system is fully compliant in terms of both GDPR and FCA regulations. For example, all transactions are date and time stamped and it records the user who processed the transaction to provide a full audit history.

Brokers who choose our system will do so in the knowledge that we have been consistently at the heart of broker website provision, understand broker requirements, and deliver a flawless service. And all for a highly competitive price.

How many users do you have?

500+ businesses

Broker perspective on Calas

“We have been using Calas for 10 years now and the system – website, CRM – has become integral to our business. Yes there have been a few disruptions caused by the changeover to the dynamic website upgrade and previous upgrades. But each time it has been for the better and any issues have been quickly resolved. This time is no different. The responsive website has seen our enquiry traffic accelerate and our bounce rate go right down in the short time it has been in place. It’s been really positive for the business.”

Steve Marston – Fleetprices

Contact details for Calas

  • Mike Eve
  • 79 Victoria Road East
    FY5 5BU
  • Email:
  • Tel: +44 (0)1253 364 364
  • More information:


cap hpi – Broker Complete

Main contact

Amanda Morgan – head of strategic partners

Set up fee and monthly on-cost

Set up fee is £499; the monthly cost is £449 to £749.

Do you offer training as part of your set up fee?

Online training is available.

What are the key features of your broker website offering?

cap hpi and ODO bring together the very best technology to offer a complete leasing broker package to help enhance, grow and retain your customer base.

Broker Complete provides you with everything you need from one supplier. With a professionally branded consumer facing website and an easy to use content management system. It is customisable to give you complete control to manage content and keep your site updated with the best deals.

Full CRM functionality allows you to manage the customer’s journey and, with the ability to offer fleet management services via ODO – this is a truly unique solution.

It’s a perfect partnership from reputable suppliers providing security and scalability.

cap hpi, is a leading data provider for the automotive industry, known for quality and accuracy. The cap code is instrumental in communicating between all parties in the provision of vehicles and businesses across the automotive industry use and depend on this code. ODO provides recurring revenue opportunities for brokers and helps to generate prospects. It also provides the option to sell ODO onto any corporate customers.

Broker Complete will help you generate leads and makes the process of choosing vehicles easy for customers, generating real time leads and ensuring a great customer experience – helped by the ability to quickly and easily manage multiple rate books from funders and to publish special offers.

The CRM platform allows you to manage and maintain customer records with full visibility of renewals to highlight opportunities, helping to improve customer retention.

No infrastructure is required with this simple cloud-based solution and, being off the shelf and ready to use, once brand customisation is completed, it is simple to implement.

This scaleable and future proofed platform is constantly evolving with new features to keep you ahead of the competition. Functionality is enhanced using both user analytics and customer feedback. We work in partnership to create the best solution available.

Key points:

  • A professionally branded consumer facing website
  • A content management system
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly
  • Ability to upload pricing to leasing advertiser portals
  • Full broker CRM functionality

There’s also ODO’s Fleet Management Services to support customers and introduce a new revenue stream. This includes:

  • Driver licence checking
  • MOT management
  • Maintenance and service requirements
  • P11D reporting
  • Fuel management
  • Contract management
  • Maintenance management
  • Fines management
  • Vehicle search from rate books
  • DRIVER Mobile app
  • Vehicle inspections in the app
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Telematics integration
  • Concierge service / driver support line available 24/7
  • Grey fleet management
  • Customers manage their clients vehicles that they didn’t supply
  • Whole life cost management
  • Automated reminders
  • ODO can support your customers in the areas of compliance, cost control and fleet administration with app technology available and a dedicated driver support line available 24/7
  • Continue to drive customer satisfaction and help customers to manage their vehicles and drivers by using Broker Complete and generate additional revenue for your business. 

How many users do you have?

Broker Complete is currently on trial with three brokers

Broker perspective on Broker Complete

“It’s very new and quite different from what I’ve been used to, but at the same time quite intuitive. I’m helping to tweak the platform to make it more broker driven because of our long-standing association with ODO.

“We’re very SME focused and I think the site works well for our fleet customers being fully integrated into the ODO fleet management. It makes for a very seamless solution, even at this beta stage.”

Phil Slyfield – Balgores Leasing

Contact details for cap hpi



Digital Vehicle Solutions Ltd – myDVS Standard Package

Main contact

Brett Lilley – national sales manager

Set up fee and monthly on-cost

Set up fee is £499+VAT; monthly cost from £399+VAT (includes cap licence fee)

Do you offer training as part of your set up fee?

Dedicated in house set up and ongoing support. No charge.

What are the key features of your broker website offering?

myDVS is one of the leading providers of software solutions for the automotive industry. We don’t just build great-looking websites, we build websites that are easily optimised to help you rank higher with search engines, driving traffic to your site and increasing enquiries.

Our industry leading website has been developed for the automotive industry. It enables brokers to easily market finance and leasing products online through the myDVS platform. All our websites are GDPR/FCA compliant and are tested by professionals to ensure all data is secure. It has been built using the latest technology and can integrate with a host of third-party services such as cap, IDS, Car And Driving, Salesforce, Trustpilot and many more. Operators can opt for a fully managed system that gives them access to 1,000s of deals or simply upload their own offers and rate books.

Our websites are designed to be user friendly for both customer and operator. The admin interface allows full control over the way their website is presented with the ability to change search bars, home page images, vehicle display images, content and video. They can easily upload rate books, build special offers, manage customer enquiries, send quotes and customer order forms directly from the system.

Marketing is made easy with a powerful CRM/marketing tool that enables users to easily create landing pages for marketing campaigns and be first to market every time, with SMS and MMS ability. Users can set up automated feeds to output deals directly into the various comparison sites, such as, Cars2Buy, What Car?, LeaseLoco, Moneyshake and many more. SEO is also made easy with the ability to add meta tags, content and graphics to every page. We also provide an api if required to feed data into their own CRM.

There is an area to add custom scripts for chat boxes, Google Analytics, social media accounts, google pixels/tracking and so on.

Customers can login to a secure customer area and apply for finance, e-sign documents and track the various stages of their order.

We allow third party integration and are happy to work with any supplier to enhance a customer’s website. Customer service levels are key to our business and we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service in the industry. We also provide full backup support and training for all our customers.

How many users do you have?

Currently 48 broker sites and additional multiple main dealer group websites.

Broker perspective on myDVS

“We’ve been one of the longer users of the system, and top of my list of plus points is their willingness to listen and then implement changes at no cost.

“The other element we really like is the compliance aspect. Both the FCA and BVRLA give myDVS high marks for this, particularly around the presentation of maintenance to the customer. And if you don’t have something right you can change an item easily as we once did in front of an auditor.

“The result is a great customer UX at the front end, and an easy system to manage at the back end.”

The broker wished to remain anonymous.

Contact details for myDVS

  • Brett Lilley
  • Roman Way
    Blackhorse Drive
    LN6 9UJ
  • Email:
  • Tel: +44 7934 898 660
  • More information:


Fifty2One Limited – First Leasing System

Main contact

Lewis McKechnie – FTO systems consultant

Set up fee and monthly on-cost

£550+VAT upfront; £400 per month. We have a reseller agreement with cap hpi for the vehicle data, so we offer the best data at the most competitive rates.

Do you offer training as part of your set up fee?

Ongoing training and support.

What are the key features of your broker website offering?

  • Easy to use CMS
  • Completely responsive (front and back end)
  • Simple and fast
  • Not bogged down with plugins and extensions – no WordPress
  • Multiple users with different access levels
  • Upload ratebooks
  • Simple ratebook import options
  • Ability to crunch thousands of deals within minutes
  • Get all your prices uploaded and with one click, update all website prices
  • Exportable ratebooks
  • Commission can be added as the ratebook is uploaded with a simple checkbox option
  • Deals can be tweaked individually at any time without needing to re-upload ratebooks
  • Override feature for special offers
  • Simple filtering options for finding and editing deals
  • Compatible with cap and IDS data sources – most need just a cap licence and then the data from IDS (our preferred partner)
  • SEO friendly and easily editable
  • Create SEO friendly ‘patterns’ to cover the complete site’s meta data. Removes a lot of manual work to be SEO friendly.
  • Automatic SEO friendly 301 redirects if a derivative, model or manufacturer is removed, avoiding any 404 errors
  • In-built CRM but can accommodate other CRMs such as Quotevine
  • Create, manage and send quotes from within admin
  • Export-able as PDFs
  • Online digital signature – no need for physical printing, scanning and emailing
  • Simple and effective blog – easy to create, edit and delete posts
  • Simple blog category management
  • Easy to tweak menus
  • Header and footer menus available off the shelf
  • Full control over your own menu and navigation structure
  • Filter cars and deals by manufacturers, models and/or derivatives
  • Makes finding and editing anything within the site very simple and effective.

Other features:

  • Import funder ratebooks in a simple format
  • Ratebooks can have different commissions based on mileage for fine tuning
  • Create automated workflows for each funder (user can create different flows for each client type) to automate email tasks at different stages in the quote / order process – saving a lot of admin time
  • Add / edit dealers and funders as required
  • Create CVS files for Cars2Buy, and much more. We can create a feed for almost any portal as long as we can get a template (this process can also be automated each night)
  • A user feed creator is coming soon
  • Collect and export emails into your mailshot platforms (if we can get an API key, we can also automate this process. Otherwise, a simple export/import solution is available)
  • Create a manual lead/quote/client from the admin
  • Unassigned proposals – send proposals that aren’t attached to a vehicle
  • Working on outright purchase that will be launched to all clients at the end of the year

How many users do you have?


Broker perspective

“I have been using the Fifty2One service since Dec 2018 and can certainly vouch for the website

“I am really pleased with what they deliver and how responsive they always are to my questions or demands. It makes for a great working relationship.”

Andy Houston, The Vehicle Leasing Expert


Contact details for Fifty2One

  • Lewis McKechnie
  • Unit 10
    Hawthorne Business Park
    Lincoln Way
    BB7 1QD
  • Email:
  • Tel: +44 1200 898 501/ +44 7393 961 384
  • More information:


Jacit Ltd – Jacit

Main contact

Ash Edmondson – creative director

Set up fee and monthly on-cost

Our setup fee starts from £4,000 depending on the level of design and functionality required, with ongoing costs varying from £300 to £500 per month per site, depending on options selected.

Do you offer training as part of your set up fee?

We provide full training on our platform and we’re always on hand if our customers have any questions or queries, or need further support.

What are the key features of your broker website offering?

In such a crowded market we understand how important it is for brokers to have a strong brand identity in order to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Our vehicle leasing websites allow our brokers to truly showcase and amplify their uniqueness, engage with customers and help their businesses grow.

We think of our brokers more as partners rather than customers, whom we work with to help them strengthen their brand, reach a wider audience and increase their conversion rate. Couple this with our strong front-end offering, custom designs and flexible CMS, and it creates an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

In terms of our core backend platform, we offer a range of features which have been specifically built for the leasing industry to make managing ratebooks and deals as simple and as painless as possible.

Our platform is constantly evolving as we look for new and exciting ways to innovate in order to stay at the forefront of this fast-paced industry.

We also actively look for feedback from our brokers to help us improve our platform and to help them overcome any new challenges they may be facing. As a result of this we have an exciting update coming to our platform which is due to be released very shortly!

How many users do you have?

We currently have 12 brokers using our platform

Broker perspective on Jacit

“We wanted a bespoke automotive website that would improve the customer experience and provide greater conversions. We spoke to Jacit and they came back with everything we had asked for plus some great ideas we hadn’t. It was all very fast and smooth.

“This was two years ago. Since then visitor volume has shot up and so have our conversions. So implementation and execution has been highly successful.”

Ross Thorne – Pendle Vehicle Contracts

Contact details for Jacit


Leasa Ltd – Leasa

Main contact

Fabio Basile – founder & design director

Set up fee and monthly on-cost

Gain-share pricing = fixed setup fee of £1,000 + cost per conversion.

Do you offer training as part of your set up fee?


What are the key features of your broker website offering?

More consumers than ever are considering leasing a car. The big boys with custom websites and big marketing budgets are dining out on that growing trend – but there’s plenty of meat at the ever-expanding table. Leasa is not a cheap template option, and we’re not completely custom build either. We’re about helping ambitious mid-size brokers capitalise on all that consumer interest and grow through great-looking websites that convert.

Uniquely, we start with design. Expertise in designing games (Candy Crush, League of Legends), dating apps (Bumble), and even mobile operating systems (ONEPlus) gives us a strong understanding of consumer behaviour. Adding auto industry experience from BMW and carwow Leasing means Leasa can see both sides of the coin, and offer that 30+ years of combined expertise to power high-performing broker websites.

Simple CRM, deal management, and a website are the basics. We won’t even bore you with talk about SEO structure, site speed or ‘mobile optimisation’ – because they’re part of our foundations too. Any website provider can (and should) nail that.

But what we do better is design and conversion. Check out your current website for a minute. You’ll lose 60% of users if your core CTA is below the page fold on mobile. If you’ve got more than six visible search fields, that’s 20% more lost through ‘cognitive overload’. And if there are more than four input fields in your contact form you might as well set fire to fivers, because that’s 50% more potential enquirers who will bail. We don’t just talk about conversion rate optimisation and UX design – we’ve spent our working lives learning it. And our next working chapter is staying ahead, and sharing with leasing broker websites.

The pricing model reflects our confidence in that unique expertise too. You pay us when we convert your precious traffic into hard prospects. With a gain-sharing model, as a provider we’re actively incentivised and invested in maximising the performance of your website. That way, you can be sure that we’re constantly reviewing, testing and optimising consumer journeys to maximise impact and the value of that precious traffic you’re driving there. Win + Win.

We’re here to build beautiful websites that build trust, intuitive CRM, and effective digital marketing journeys to drive rapid-scale growth. We’re here for the pioneers… because growth never came from following the crowd.

How many users do you have?

n/a we’re pre-launch

Broker perspective on Leasa

n/a we’re pre-launch

Contact details for Leasa

  • Fabio Basile
  • Colony Astley,
    70 Great Ancoats Street
    Manchester M4 5BG
  • Email:
  • Tel: +44 7872 567 033
  • More information:


Quotevine Ltd – Quotevine Broker Essentials

Main contact

Jeremy Wright – broker segment sales leader

Set up fee and monthly on-cost

£750p/d consultancy – £450pcm

Do you offer training as part of your set up fee?


What are the key features of your broker website offering?

We provide brokers with a platform to manage their business better on a day-to-day basis. From the website construction and finance deal management through to enquiry and quotation process, all the way through in-life contract management and engagement, we allow brokers to streamline their processes through an amalgamation of automation, innovation and efficiency.

We allow brokers to upload their data and documents, manage their dealers and funders, auto populate their external data, send e-sign documents to customers, whilst timestamping all entries from GDPR regulation alignment.

We have a number of integrations including aggregators, accounting platforms such as Xero, payment optimisation through Stripe and GoCardless, and many others. This allows our clients to manage the day-to-day operations of the business from one easy-to-use platform that adapts and contorts to their business needs.

How many users do you have?


Broker perspective on Quotevine

“As we scale, the effectiveness of a platform like Quotevine enables us to process more business more efficiently, more accurately and faster.”

Paul Parkinson – Synergy Car Leasing

Contact details for Quotevine

  • Jeremy Wright
  • Unit A, The Merton Centre
    45 St Peter’s St
    Bedford MK40 2FL
  • Email:
  • Tel: +44 7498 321 253
  • More information:



Important points to consider before you change website providers

Broker website providers designing web pages2

If you are thinking about changing your broker website provider, then we think you should consider these questions. Nothing complex but some simple questions to ask yourself and your potential new provider.

  • What do I want out of the change? List them. And then measure against outcomes. Was the change a success? If not, why not? What can you do to rectify the situation?
  • Think about what you want now. And what you might want in the future.
  • How robust are the provider’s servers? How much downtime is there? A design might look great but is the service delivery robust? Or flaky?
  • What is a realistic build time? Then add some.
  • What effect will the new build have on my Google ranking? How much should my ppc spend be while Google re-indexes the new website? And for how many months? (There will always be a dip in Google performance with a significant change eg changed URL or different site structure – speak to a broker that has done it.) Budget for it. And then some more.
  • Talk to a broker that uses the system you are thinking about. Listen to them. Not just the bits you want to hear. But understand the bits you don’t want to hear.
  • Consider the financial stability of your website provider – will they be around to finish your job?
  • Can your existing provider do what you want? Have you asked? The answer might be there all the time.
  • Don’t stand still – doing nothing is a digital death sentence
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