After 15 years working for a premium car retailer, David Woodhouse has decided to swap horses and work for a premium fleet management and leasing provider instead.

David, who lives in Weldon, Northamptonshire, is the latest Fleet Alliance Appointed Representative (AR), having joined the company in October 2020.

The change in career comes after 15 years working for a prestige German retailer, where for the last five years David has been working in the corporate sales department, advising clients ranging from small businesses to large corporates.

So what made David change direction and take on a car leasing franchise?

“Circumstances alter, don’t they? My role at the retailer meant I was now running the corporate department solo, so the workload had become enormous. To be honest, it was the push I was looking for to actually make me change career,” explains David.

As a key accounts manager, David regularly communicated with a variety of brokers and one was Trevor Howard, now retired, who was an early AR of Fleet Alliance. David sought advice from Trevor who then put him in touch with longtime Fleet Alliance AR, Sarah Bisset.

I would say the main difference between Fleet Alliance and other brokerages is the breadth of funders they have, and the respect they have in the industry.

Having listened to Sarah’s experience of working with Fleet Alliance, David took the next step and approached Laura Muir, partner development manager, who oversees the AR programme.

“I had a long chat with Laura and considered the information she provided. I then went and did some of my own research and the Fleet Alliance proposal seemed to make a lot of sense,” continues David. 

“I’d say the main difference between Fleet Alliance and other brokerages is the breadth of funders they have and the respect they have in the industry. They are also very proactive around electric vehicles and whole life cost considerations. There are also some leasing companies that remain unsure about electric cars – some don’t even quote on cars such as the Tesla – but in Fleet Alliance’s portfolio, every manufacturer is represented.”

Electric Vehicles like this Ford Mustang MACH E have accounted for a 214 increase in EV sales at Fleet Alliance

Fleet Alliance EV orders rise by 214%

Do you have the consultancy skills to increase this growth? To help brokers with EV consultancy, Fleet Alliance is equipping all ARs with the Gensen Whole Life Cost calculator. Built by tax experts BCF Wessex, Gensen will assist ARs in demonstrating to clients the financial and taxation benefits of electric vehicles.

Following training sessions on Fleet Alliance internal systems, plus individual training on the Gensen whole life cost calculator, and Concilium CRM, David has been enjoying not selling just BMW and MINI vehicles any more.

Among his successes so far is convincing a company to ignore headline rental rates and choose vehicles on whole life costs. Following David’s consultancy, the company has moved from diesel to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, which has provided significant savings for both the firm and its drivers. In addition, the same company is also now planning to take some electric vehicles through David.

If you are thinking of becoming a Fleet Alliance AR, what would be David’s advice?

“I would say do the research and make sure you understand the difference between the other AR schemes out there and the Fleet Alliance proposition. Although you should be prepared to work on your own, you certainly feel part of an AR team, with weekly conference calls and group discussions to engage business ideas across the team. If that sounds appealing, you’ll find Fleet Alliance a good company, and you get to personally enjoy the rewards for all the effort you put in.”

Do you have the skillset to be an EV AR specialist?

Fleet Alliance wants experienced brokers, or established leasing broker firms, that can take a consultative approach to selling business contract hire, with a focus on the opportunities presented by EVs.

If you have the skillset, Fleet Alliance has the back up to make the business work for you:

  • Award-winning brand: The ability to trade under an award-winning name that is recognised and respected throughout the leasing industry.
  • Extensive product portfolio: The ability to offer an extensive range of proven fleet products and services to clients from day one.
  • Proprietary technology: Immediately take advantage of proprietary award-winning technology platforms that streamline day-to-day operations and offer an attractive prospect to fleet customers.
  • Award-winning support: Enjoy the support of an extensive and highly motivated back-office team who have a proven track record of award-winning customer service to clients and appointed representatives alike.
  • Reliable systems: Effective and efficient systems quickly and reliably manage orders through to delivery and beyond, allowing you to concentrate 100% of your efforts on selling.
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How to get started

To enquire about becoming a Fleet Alliance AR, please email with your details and the Partner Development Team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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