LEASING brokers are likely to see greater demand for personal leasing following Lockdown 1.0.

The RAC Report on Motoring has found that more than two thirds of drivers want access to a car – higher than the same need prior to March.

It also discovered that there was increased resistance to use public transport – the highest level in 18 years.

Although van sales have done well from the rise in home deliveries, nearly seven-in-10 drivers (68%) say a car is essential for carrying items like shopping, up from 54% last year.

The RAC suggests click-and-collect services and people carrying out fewer but larger grocery shops than before the lockdown could be behind this sentiment.

The car also remains essential for family and social cohesion: six-in-10 drivers (59%) say the car is essential for meeting up with friends and family who live elsewhere in the country, significantly up from 45% in 2019.

Even with lower traffic volumes, the pandemic appears to have reinforced the bond between drivers and their cars – with public transport less attractive than ever. Motorists see having access to a car as being even more important for the trips they need to make.

Rod Dennis, data insights, RAC
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