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Winner: Paul Isaacs, Skyfleet

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Paul Isaacs of Skyfleet (right) accepts the Editor’s Award from Broker News editor, Ralph Morton.

About the winner 

Paul Isaacs is managing director of Ashford in Kent Skyfleet Car Leasing. Skyfleet offers businesses and private individuals competitive leasing rates on any make and model of vehicle available from main UK dealers. The business was founded 26 years ago with a focus on providing the best possible customer service and offering the industry’s leading products and services.   

Paul is also something of a hero for his work supporting the people of Ukraine, and that’s why he and his team won the 2023 Editor’s Award. 

Paul Isaacs mission to support Ukraine

Back in April 2022, Paul felt he must do something to support the people of Ukraine. So he decided to start fundraising to buy and convert heavy duty vehicles into 4×4 ‘ambulances’ to help support injured civilians of the Ukraine invasion.  

Paul had been inspired by seeing how mechanics had adapted a Land Rover Discovery for lifesaving work on the battlefield and began fundraising to purchase two additional Discoveries.

The team filled the vehicles with emergency supplies before driving them 1100 miles to the Ukraine border where they were left to be used by the Ukraines to help the injured and sick. 

Paul Isaacs, managing director, and Toby Mileham, general manager, Skyfleet Car Leasing, on why they took action: 

We were deeply moved by the atrocities unfolding in Ukraine. We couldn't ignore the suffering and felt compelled to take action. We reached out to our network, rallying colleagues, friends, and family to raise awareness and support. Our efforts resulted in the collection of vehicles, vital supplies, including food, equipment, medical supplies and body bags - the list was extensive and at times distressing.

We also tried to support the locals by delivering essentials and connected with local organisations to ensure our support made a meaningful impact. We delivered three vehicles packed with supplies to provide assistance on the ground.

In November, Paul alongside fellow director Toby Mileham continued their efforts with the delivery of a fourth vehicle to Ukraine, a Mercedes refrigerated van.

Skyfleet’s Paul Isaacs continues vehicle deliveries to Ukraine

The van was delivered loaded with key supplies requested by the medical unit on the ground. The chiller van was delivered to theKindness Station in northern Ukraine to help transport food and supplies to the areas most in need and will provide critical support for years to come.  

I was so struck by the incredible work - and humanity - Paul and the team has displayed to support the people of Ukraine. Not only did he set up the online and local fundraising but also co-ordinated the supplies and then personally drove the vehicles there too. What he has done will literally save lives – a hugely deserving winner of this year’s Editor's Award – congratulations Paul and team.

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