RENAULT has dropped the option of leasing the battery separately on its electric Zoe supermini.

When Zoe was first launched in 2013 it was only available as a Battery Lease. This was complemented in November 2014 by the additional option of battery inclusive Full Purchase.

Renault’s decision will help clear up a potential source of confusion for customers in the step change to electric drivetrains. It also aligns the Zoe with the rest of the brand’s Z.E. range.

The company says it has taken the step because residual values have improved significantly for this second-gen model.

CAP says the Zoe has predicted Residual Values of up to 42 per cent, calculated over three years and 30,000 miles.

The gen two Zoe was announced in September featuring a larger 52kWh battery and a range of 245 miles.

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