EVEZY is a subscription service for electric cars.

It wants to reshape the EV experience by offering a no commitment subscription service. Minimum terms are one month for all-inclusive driving.

Evezy says that its offering “is not car sharing and it is not a lease”.

CEO and founder Rob Jolly – a former product strategy & innovation manager at JLR – says that the company has the largest electric fleet in the UK.

Vice president of the electric vehicle fleet is Rui Ferreira, a former Hertz VP of fleet remarketing.

Access to cars is fintech simple and all done on a smart phone: subscribers download the Evezy app, provide proof of address, driving licence and take a selfie, then choose the subscription model they want. Payment is taken by credit or debit card. Cars are then unlocked using the app.

Typical subscription prices include £389 a month for a Renault Zoe, £469 for a BMW i3 and £799 for a Tesla Model 3.

Further expansion is planned by moving into the business sector – Evezy for Business – with subscription programmes for company car drivers, salary sacrifice drivers and those taking cash.

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