CHRIS Jennings, formerly sales director at CBVC Vehicle Management’s Leasing Gorilla, has started his own leasing broker business called Leasing Route.

A franchise of the Bridle Group, the business began at the start of June, and Jennings says sales are already ahead of plan in what has been a strong start to trading.

Jennings says Leasing Route, which operates from an office in the Staffordshire Technology Park, will concentrate on transactional sales in the main.

It was always going to be difficult leaving Mike Manners and the team at CBVC, because Mike backed me in the first place. But we parted on good terms, which was really good. But I had been thinking about starting up my own broking business for a while, especially as I had turned 40 this year, and the Bridle franchise seemed like good value for money. I would certainly not start without a strong line up of funders being available to me – I don’t think you can be successful without that. And so far the business has been going well.

Chris Jennings, managing director, Leasing Route

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