WEB design agency Fifty2One has introduced a customer portal to its leasing broker website design as part of a series of upgrades to both front end design and rear end usability.

The latest update introduces a customer portal that enables client self-service in a secure environment.

The web design business, which operates under the First Leasing brand, says that items such as customer proposals, proof of driver licence, proof of address and financial statements can all be securely uploaded through the portal, allowing full GDPR compliance.

SMS text messages alert customers to perform actions or react to questions from the broker all within the customer portal. 

Furthermore, actions within the portal are automatically updated through the CMS so the leasing broker continues to have full visibility and history of all actions taken.

We’ve been working on this update for a while because it really does offer fantastic usability for both broker and customer, and ensures that full broker GDPR compliance is maintained. It also offers a more streamlined experience for the customer and does away with extended and unsecure email trails.

Lewis McKechnie, systems consultant, Fifty2One

The new customer portal is part of the continuous improvement cycle at Fifty2One to ensure its website designs are as broker-centric as possible. 

Managing director of Fifty One, Darren Hargreaves, adds:

We never stop enhancing the system. We listen to all broker feedback and then – if it’s feasible – we’ll take it on board and add the development to our developer workflow. We provide new features on a monthly basis and are continuously rolling them out to our clients. We want to be the simple solution for every broker and we understand the only way to do that will be to listen and grow with our clients.

Discounts and bespoke design still on offer


Currently Fifty2One is offering all new customers a bespoke design at no extra cost, while existing customers, who have asked the software design company to create a bespoke design, will be offered a credit for a free redesign or reskin of their existing website.

Hargreaves says this will enable brokers to move away from templated designs so they can have a more bespoke presence in the market. He adds that as resellers of cap hpi and IDS data the Fifty2One solution provides an all-round solution to leasing brokers wanting to step up their online presence.

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