BROKER website provider Fifty2One is updating its CRM for the 30 brokers currently using the website platform. New users will automatically receive the improved CRM.

The upgrade will be implemented before the end of the year. The development follows feedback from Fifty2One users.

While the client management back-end process follows a step by step process for each customer, from enquiry to delivery, tasks are automated throughout the system with ‘system flows’ to reduce manual administration. 

The new CRM, says Fifty2One, will be quicker, more responsive and more intuitive to use.

Lewis McKechnie, systems consultant, added:

The system is built around saving time. But what we’ve learned is that each client runs a different process for each of their customers. The new CRM will make these processes quicker, making it the most efficient and simple-to-use CRM system for brokers to run their business.

Fifty2One says it has further upgrade announcements to follow in the coming weeks. 

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