DIGITAL agency Fire5 Digital will be the first CRM partner with Fleet Procure, the broker/dealer procurement platform.

Due to be launched Q1 2021, the integration will streamline and automate broker workflow.

The CRM will use Fire5 Digital’s Automotus web platform – a Calas-type competitor – within Fleet Procure.

The benefits are said to include time-saving on administration and a more seamless customer journey experience.

I’m really pleased to welcome Fire5 Digital as our first CRM partner in Fleet Procure. We’re currently developing and testing it for the Bridle Group of websites which uses the Fire5 web platform. I was really impressed with the Automotus website and CRM package making this partnership massively exciting for the leasing broker market

Lee Jones, managing director, Fleet Procure

Fire5 Digital, which is based in Glasgow, said it was working on enhancements to fully integrate its Automotus CRM within Fleet Procure.

Our CRM solution takes care of the broker’s workflow while Fleet Procure simplifies the vehicle sourcing and ordering process. Integrating both solutions will help brokers use both platforms seamlessly, while saving on administration time and improving customer communications.

Frankie Healy, director, Fire5 Digital

Jones added that since Bridle Group had come on board with Fleet Procure, there had been a notable uplift in volume, which had enabled the CRM development to take place and further enhance the online procurement platform.

Who is Automotus?

Automotus is a sub-brand of Fire5 Digital, which has been responsible for designing the website of Oxford-based broker Bridle Vehicle Leasing.

“A ground up development redesign of our Automotus platform has been bubbling away in the background for some time with a soft launch earlier in the year,” confirmed Healy.

“Our CMS platform has been used by various brokers for a number of years. The new version brings improvements to the typical broker feature requirements such as ratebook management, cap hpi data integration, comparison website feeds and so on.

“We see it as a viable alternative to Calas. As you might expect, we are currently talking to a lot of brokers right now.”

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