BROKER website developer First Leasing Software is offering to switch any broker website affected by access to marketing platforms by the end of the year.

Formerly known as Fifty2One before rebranding to First Leasing Software at the beginning of Q4, the company says it has the capacity to take on 200 broker sites as long as the switch is made before 10 December.

First Leasing Software is a licensed reseller of cap hpi and IDS data. Brokers using such data are not affected by incompatibility issues with lease marketing aggregators, such as and carwow.

We can provide a website in the colour scheme of your choice with your logo in one of our preset layout structures to ensure a fast turnaround. In that way you can continue to trade and advertise. In the New Year, we can then revisit each client to tweak the look and feel of your site to ensure it fully reflects your brand’s individual identity.

Darren Hargreaves, managing director, Fifty2One Ltd t/a First Leasing Software

Hargreaves says the ‘individualisation’ process in January 2021 will take place in a queuing system based on a first come, first served basis.

Hargreaves added: 

“If you are looking for a new solution and you want to get a free demo and a discount to help you switch then call us today and see what we can offer.

“Our cut off for pre-January launches is currently 10 December, although this may change depending on volume of take up. But we have capacity for 200 up to this date.”

Making the change to First Leasing Software

To discuss moving website provider and a free demonstration, contact Lewis McKechnie on:

phone 01200 898501 | email 

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