• Pictured above are Steve Clarke and Tony Cameron from Select Car Leasing Preston

FOR an experienced, long-lived brokerage, it must be rather good to wind back the numbers from 25 to one. But that’s exactly what Cameron Clarke has done.

The Preston broker became an AR of Select Car Leasing during Q1 of 2020 and was subsequently rebranded to Select Car Leasing Preston.

The partnership appears to be booming, too. In the company’s first year as a Select AR broker it sold 1000 orders – smashing the best as Cameron Clarke, which was 750 units.  

Having signed our partnership with Select a week before the first lockdown in March 2020 everyone was concerned about how things would pan out and to our great relief the story so far has been a storming success. The figures speak for themselves as to how successful the first year has been and we are now predicting a further 100% growth during 2021.

Steven Clarke, principal, Select Car Leasing Preston Office

Clarke praised the drive and determination of Select Car Leasing directors Mark Tongue and James O’Malley, saying they’re “a real force and proving very successful”. Clarke added:

“Tony and I couldn’t be happier with the constant support and the economies of scale that being a part of such a large business brings – the future is looking very exciting.”

Cameron Clarke was the first of a number of ARs that have been appointed by Select Car Leasing during the year, the most recent being Frontier Vehicle Leasing.

Both James and I feel the partnerships we have agreed over the last year represent fantastic news for Select Car Leasing, and for the car leasing industry as a whole. The success the Preston team has had over the first 12 months since coming on board is excellent and we are delighted to share in their celebrations. We look forward to sharing continued success in the years to come!

Mark Tongue, director, Select Car Leasing


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