GLASGOW-based leasing broker Fleet Alliance has engaged the services of Eco3 to help it identify the pathway to a carbon zero footprint.

Already a member of EV100, a group of global businesses that have committed to zero emission fleets by 2030, the company says it has set aside a £10,000 investment to move the business to a carbon neutral footprint.

Fleet Alliance says Eco3 will help it design a framework that identifies the company’s carbon footprint and how to reduce it to zero by focusing on the three main areas of energy consumption:

  • Buildings – which account for 40% of global energy use. New solutions will allow Fleet Alliance to measure, manage and control energy usage more effectively.
  • Processes – changes identified could deliver savings in excess of 30%, by making processes more energy-efficient.
  • Transport – while fuel accounts for 20-30% of a vehicle’s whole life cost, switching to EVs will make a difference, but not enough by itself. So the company is identifying other forms of environmentally friendly transport, including active travel.

By committing to EV100 and switching our entire fleet of more than 30,000 vehicles to zero emissions by 2030 was a significant first statement. But that raised further questions about our carbon footprint. So we have engaged Eco3 to assist us in a journey to become carbon neutral, which is our ultimate aim, and to meet and surpass government legislation required for larger enterprises called Streamlined Energy and Carbon reporting. It’s outside the requirements for businesses of our size, but we think it’s important that we can exceed those requirements. Fleet Alliance is at the start of a major deep clean project.

Martin Brown, managing director, Fleet Alliance

Managing director of Eco3, a business that provides both strategic and tactical guidance in the measurement, management and control of a company’s economic, social and ecological resources, is Steve McKinstray, formerly head of partnerships at Bank of Scotland.

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