GLASGOW leasing broker Fleet Alliance is not only embracing the COP26 climate conference message, but taking positive action to reduce net carbon emissions.

COP26, which is being held at Glasgow’s SEC, is virtually next door to the Fleet Alliance offices. The company says it has been positively engaged since the event was first announced. 

For example, Fleet Alliance has provided a Nissan Leaf EV for Nick Sharpe, the Scottish Renewables Director of Communications and Strategy, to attend the six events that make up part of Scottish Renewables’ Year of COP roadshow to promote sustainability across Scotland.

We desperately need the very best endeavours of all the Summit delegates in arriving at a meaningful and sustainable climate agreement, despite the considerable hurdles that exist.  As a company, we are firmly committed to a sustainable future. All of our own company cars are now electric and, by 2030, the 30,000 vehicles we manage on behalf of our clients will be electric as well.

Andy Bruce, CEO, Fleet Alliance

Bruce said it was vital to gain audience engagement over the importance of a sustainable future and to start reversing the effects of climate change. 

He said the message was getting across to the company’s  client base having embraced green technology early on with nearly 54% of new vehicle orders so far this year for electrified powertrains.

“If you break down that 54% figure, 33% are hybrids, including some plug-in hybrids. But these are necessary stepping-stones in the journey to full electrification. 

“Another point to consider is that 21% of orders this year have been for battery electric vehicles – more than double the UK average for BEV registrations, which currently stands at 9.5%,” he said.

Fleet Alliance recently launched a salary sacrifice product aimed specifically at the provision of EVs to a wider audience.

“Our salsac product is making them more affordable to all drivers, not just company car drivers, while cutting the corporate carbon footprint and better managing grey fleet risk,” Bruce continued.

Mr Bruce said there were significant company car tax advantages by switching to EVs, as well as lower running costs which, combined with the recent fuel shortages and rising oil prices, would provide further fleet cost benefits both now and in the future

Fleet Alliance is a member of EV100, a group of businesses committed to a zero carbon fleet by 2030.

Chair Martin Brown posted this image on LinkedIn this morning from the Fleet Alliance offices.

View from Fleet Alliance to COP26

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