GLASGOW-based leasing broker Fleet Alliance has commenced the electrification of Pinnacle Group’s fleet of 500 diesel vans.

Pinnacle Group, a facilities management company operating from 100 sites nationally, will start its decarbonisation programme with the delivery of 33 Nissan eNV200 commercials as part of its ‘Project Electrify’.

This will be followed by a number of electric Citroen e-Berlingo vans.

The company is using Fleet Alliance’s experience in fleet electrification management to transition its 500 commercial vehicles. All future LCVs will be electric, bar some specialist applications where there is no current zero emission alternative.

Some months ago we put together an internal, cross-functional team to work on ‘Project Electrify’ with a vision to transition to an all-electric fleet. This initial tranche of new Nissan eNV200s is the fruition of the first part of that plan, which also includes setting up charging infrastructure at a number of our locations.

Sarah Russell, procurement manager, Pinnacle Group

The new eLCVs will be operated under a 48 month/68,000 miles operating cycle with full maintenance, rather than the previous three-year cycle thanks to lower operating costs. 

Drivers will be provided with electric charge cards, while those who park their vehicles at home overnight can also opt for home chargers.

Sarah, pictured below, added:

Sarah Russell procurement manager PinnacleGroup

Fleet Alliance has played a key role for us in helping identify the most suitable models available and ensuring they are fit for purpose, given the current constraints that are operating in the vehicle supply market.” 

Pinnacle Group has been outsourcing its fleet management to Fleet Alliance since 2017.

Pinnacle Group is to be applauded for its decision to transition to an all-electric fleet in a structured, disciplined and well thought through manner. 

Andy Bruce, CEO, Fleet Alliance

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