FLEET Electric is offering a climate positive service to SME fleets. For each vehicle leased, it promises to plant 100 trees in a managed forest, alongside further offsetting actions.

The Hardwicke, Gloucester-based broker, an AR of Bridle Leasing, says it will offset more CO2 and greenhouse gases than are generated in the production and lifecycle of every vehicle it leases thanks to its partnership with Ecologi, a company dedicated to climate offsetting. 

A newcomer to the broker sector, Fleet Electric says it will only offer plug-in and fully electric vehicles, alongside a salary sacrifice scheme.

The brokerage is run by Richard Markey, a former product planning manager of Mitsubishi Motors, and aims to provide SME fleet management services with a real environmental angle.

A large portion of businesses don’t have the luxury of a dedicated fleet or transport manager to advise their organisations of the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve an electrified fleet. This is where we can provide advice and assistance in procuring a single vehicle or transitioning an entire fleet to electric in an economical and environmentally friendly way. 

Richard Markey, managing director, Fleet Electric

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