Vanessa Hunt of Carmmunity

Frontline Leasing brand Carmmunity is touring the UK with a Ford Transit Custom PHEV, showcasing the technology and vehicle to leasing brokers across the country – including the Vavoom team picture above.

Now in the second week of a 14-day tour, Carmmunity’s Vanessa Hunt (left) is visiting the following leasing brokers, and adding more as she goes along:

  • Advanced Vehicle Leasing
  • Carparison
  • CVSL
  • Global Vans
  • Leasing Options
  • Vavoom
  • XLCR

Carmmunity is one of several Ford terms holders for leasing brokers in the UK.

Benefits of the Transit Custom PHEV include WLTP-derived fuel economy of 91-97mpg (depending on specification) and 60 g/km CO2 – avoiding ULEZ and Clean Air Zone charges in London and other cities. 

Up to 35 miles can be covered on electric power alone, and the van’s engine never drives the wheels, acting instead as an on-board generator. Geo-fencing technology can also force the Ford into electric-mode when entering certain areas to ensure emissions are kept to a minimum.

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