EDINBURGH-based leasing broker, Gofor Finance, has completed a 10-car fleet deal for SME business Sharpfibre.

The Essex company is a specialist fire protection contractor. The business has swapped from its hybrid cars into an all electric fleet. 

The 10 Tesla Model 3s – nine Long Range and one Performance version – are on business contract hire over 36 months. Mileage is pooled at 600,000 miles.

All drivers record their mileage via Gofor Finance’s mileage app.

David Harper Sharpfibre
David Harper: 250 mile range average

Sharpfibre managing director, David Harper, says that operating an all-electric car fleet has been a very positive experience.

“Journeys may take a little more planning, but there are now enough chargers around the country so that none of our drivers have ever run out of electricity and we have experienced very little range anxiety.

“The cars have proved to be superb with very precise handling and outstanding performance, while the technology within them is little short of astounding. The realistic range has worked out to be around 250 miles, depending on driving style.”

At Sharpfibre’s Basildon base there are two chargers which are constantly used, says Harper.

Graham Leslie, the managing director at Gofor Finance, commented: 

“Naturally, we are delighted that Sharpfibre has had a very positive experience in running an all-electric car fleet, which given the government’s recent announcements, will be the way that all companies will have to go in the not too distant future.

“The 0% tax rate, rising by just 1% in the following two years gives a very clear signal to the market and will help more businesses decide to go down an all electric route.”

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