EDINBURGH-based leasing broker Gofor held a webinar today (22 February 2024)  to help SMEs better understand salary sacrifice and overcome barriers to implementing the scheme.

The Gofor webinar covered:

  • The benefits of salary sacrifice 
  • Overcoming barriers such as early termination and charging concerns 
  • Ideas on how to engage employees
  • Demonstration of the Gofor driver portal 
  • Best practice from Gofor customer Roc Technologies 

Gordon Ross, Gofor Head of Marketing and Salary Sacrifice for EV, commented:

“The idea behind the webinar was to bring salary sacrifice to life for businesses and demonstrate that it can be easy to run. It was great to have Roc Technologies with us who shared some great tips on how we jointly approached its scheme launch. I’m pleased to say that the webinar feedback has been really positive.”

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