CAERPHILLY leasing broker GB Car Leasing is launching Caasta, a subsidiary of the Green Bison Group, providing drivers with flexible all-inclusive motoring.

Membership is in three tiers and costs a decreasing amount over the first three years. Car availability is dependent on membership level.

Caasta offers drivers an 89 day (three month) subscription period which they can renew on a rolling basis. Members can swap cars available in their membership tier or upgrade membership to access a different type of car.

Cars are promised to be brand new at the start of membership, and then guaranteed to be no older than 12 months when swapped.

Caasta membership pricing

Level one (Compact) – first year membership £700. Typical car: MINI Cooper Classic II £495

Level two (Standard Family) – first year membership £900. Typical car: Renault Captur 1.5 dCi £595

Level three (Large Family) – first year membership £1200. Typical car: Peugeot 3008 1.2 PureTech £695

Included in the ‘subscribe and drive’ membership are:

  • Insurance
  • Road Tax
  • Accident, Breakdown and at Home cover
  • Glass damage cover (Fair wear and Tear Policy)
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Tyres (Fair Wear and Tear)

Chief executive of CAASTA is Mike Minahan, who in the past was director of sales and service at the RAC. Minahan commented:

“We were ready to launch our fully-inclusive subscribe and drive service when lockdown began but obviously this was delayed. We have now opened for business and are confident that we have the right protocols and procedures in place to operate safely for our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Caasta was developed to meet the changing needs of today’s drivers to offer flexibility, certainty and a competitive alternative to long-term leasing deals and loans. It is also a realistic option for drivers whose current financial situation means they would struggle to meet the financial assessment required for such long-term agreements. Caasta’s 89-day contracts reduce their liability and offer a more realistic and affordable option.

The new start-up owns its fleet of 50 cars and has ambitions to grow membership to over 700 within 12 months.

Minahan added:

This is a new flexible subscribe and drive model unlike other operators in the market – with transparent pricing and no hidden costs. It is not a long-term rental business and as such it gives members complete flexibility to find the right car for them at no additional cost. Members can switch vehicles in each level at renewal, ‘downgrade’ to a lower level or upgrade for an increased fee to a higher level without additional costs. With other providers and long-term rental businesses the customer has to pay additional costs to do this. This is a real USP for Caasta.

Customers will have their own dedicated account manager while the cars are fitted with telematic devices that provide tips and advice on safe driving, accident detection as well as a remote immobiliser.

There is a 50% off membership for NHS and key workers and members of the armed forces. Initially membership will be restricted to within 70 miles of the Caerphilly base to take account of COVID-19 restrictions. It will then be rolled out further as restrictions ease.

Caasta, in case you were wondering, is an acronym for Car-As-A-Service-To-All. 

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