GET the single birthday candle out for Leasing Gorilla! The personal leasing trading style of CBVC Vehicle Management has turned one.

The brand was created in September 2018 to separate the personal leasing side of the business from the business and fleet management focus of CBVC.

And it seems to have done rather well for itself.

CBVC managing director, Mike Manners, said: “Leasing Gorilla has exceeded all expectations since its inception and has helped increase group sales by 66% year-to-date.

“I believe we have found a great format for the business and our plan now is to take it to the next level.”

But why call the business Leasing Gorilla?

Chris Jennings, head of Leasing Gorilla, explained:

“The name was selected because, as it says on the tin, there is ‘no monkey business, just great deals’.”

Jennings added that after a successful first year, Leasing Gorilla was in expansion mode. The business had already recruited additional sales people and was actively seeking more experienced sales staff to join the business.

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