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GETTING hold of stock has been a nightmare for every leasing broker.

Even when a broker had an order there was the possibility it could be cancelled; delayed further; or subject to price increases between £50 to £200 a month.

Queue another conversation with a customer to explain such a shifting landscape – and still no real date for delivery.

Put on repeat throughout the UK for every leasing broker.

However, one way to ensure you get the service you expect is to engage with a dealer that also happens to be a leasing broker: in this case Rivervale Maxus.

Vince Pemberton, CEO of Rivervale, says:

We fully understand the pressures leasing brokers are under, simply because we are a broker. So we understand what is happening in the market and how we would like to be serviced as a broker. We then put that into practice as a supplier of Maxus vehicles to brokers.

Keeping brokers informed

For brokers wishing to partner with the Maxus supplier, Maxus Rivervale provides regular stock and pipeline updates allowing brokers to see what is available, what they can sell and when stock is arriving.

Taking fleets electric

What’s more, use the expertise of Rivervale Maxus to help your fleet customers choose an electric van for zero emission deliveries.

The current range includes:

Maxus eDeliver 3 – Available as a panel van and as a  chassis cab version. In terms of size it sits between the Citroen eBerlingo and Vauxhall Vivaro-e. Available with two different battery packs.

Maxus eDeliver 9 – Available as panel van and chassis cab with three different battery sizes. It’s a rival to large vans such as the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter.

Maxus T90EV – Coming soon, the Maxus electric pick up

Providing the right support

Providing the correct information when you want it is critical to brokers. Maxus Rivervale has a range of digital brochures providing the latest information on the Maxus electric range of vans.

If your customers want to try an electric van before they lease one, then Rivervale Maxus has demonstrators available.

Our own handover videos

There are also really useful handover videos that explain all the features of the electric van so customers can be fully acquainted with the van before they take delivery. View this helpful video on the eDeliver 3

If your customer needs help with charging infrastructure, then Rivervale Maxus can also assist with this aspect of eLCV fleet electrification.

Getting vans to your customers fast

While Maxus is not entirely immune from some production delays, there is a good supply of vehicles coming through. And as soon as the vans arrive they will be turned around.

Vince adds:

We know how important it is for brokers to get the paperwork turned around quickly, from delivery notes to invoices, so we offer full broking support. We promise to do it the right way…

If you want to connect with Rivervale Maxus for eLCV supply, contact the team below:

The dealer that knows what a broker needs

Who is Maxus?

Maxus is a Chinese brand owned by SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation). It also owns MG Motor UK.

Who is Rivervale?

Rivervale has been a name synonymous with the motor trade for the best part of 40 years and the latest chapter sees Rivervale add a Maxus LCV Franchise for the Sussex area. As well as full service and parts support, Rivervale offers a used car operation, leasing and fleet management.

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