• Pictured above: Volunteers from the Glasgow NE Foodbank with the new Peugeot Expert van donated by Intelligent Car Leasing

INTELLIGENT Car Leasing has donated a Peugeot Expert panel van for use by Celtic FC Foundation/Glasgow NE Foodbank partnership.

The van will be used by the Foodbank charity to deliver vital food parcels to outlying communities and to make food pick-ups from supermarkets more efficient.

This is the third van the vehicle leasing provider has donated to Glasgow NE Foodbank since the Glasgow-headquartered company began its charitable work with the partnership in 2015.

Donna-Marie Henry, Head of Outcomes at Celtic FC Foundation and a trustee board member of Glasgow NE Foodbank, says:

Tackling food poverty is really important to us. We deliver our own projects but we’re not experts at foodbanks so partnerships, like the one we have with Glasgow North East Foodbank, make more sense. We work together very closely to support their work, and Linda Stuart, Project Manager at the Foodbank, had written a report noting that demand for their services was increasing and they consequently needed a larger van. It was at this point that Intelligent Car Leasing made their very generous offer.

The Peugeot Expert, which is fully maintained by Intelligent Car Leasing, replaces the partnership’s previous Renault Kangoo van, also donated by Intelligent Car Leasing. It will be used to pick up donations from supermarkets, organisations, schools and individuals, along with a weekly bread run from Warburtons, while also delivering stock to outreach centres. 

Glasgow NE Foodbank’s Project Manager, Linda Stuart, adds:

The demand for our service is very high so having the van means we are able to maintain the outreach services more effectively. It is vital to the local communities that they are able to access a foodbank locally as many aren’t able to afford bus fares to get to the main hub. The service would struggle to function without the van. Now that we have a bigger vehicle it will also mean that we are able to pick up the supermarket donations in one run, which will save time and fuel and also means less physical strain on our volunteer drivers.

Intelligent Car Leasing – the personal leasing brand of Fleet Alliance – and the charitable donation is part of the company’s extensive charity work, based on its core values of Fairness, Trust, Engagement and Respect. These values inform how the leasing company looks after its own staff, the community around it, along with minimising the impact of the business on the environment, and informing a continuous cycle of quality of service improvement.

Over the Christmas period, staff at the Glasgow business raised £5,000 for its Festive Support Fund, with donations going to the Glasgow NE Foodbank, Glasgow NW Foodbank, FareShare Sussex and Sussex Nightstop.

Charitable work is central to the company ethos. Helping others less fortunate than ourselves is hugely important and the brilliant services of the Glasgow NE Foodbank and its volunteers are, unfortunately, becoming increasingly important. We hope this donation to Celtic FC Foundation/Glasgow NE Foodbank makes their vital work a bit easier.

Martin Brown, chair, Intelligent Car Leasing

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