KIA is introducing an £11.25 a month bolt-on to its Kia Charge service.

While Kia Charge provides a single account to access most public chargepoints, the new bolt-on will provide a discount of 64% to the ultra fast charging network provided by IONITY – equivalent to 25p per kWh.

Kia says the bolt-on pays for itself. It offers the example of recharging a 64kWh e-Niro or Soul from 10% charge to 80% full via an IONITY connector costs just £11.20. Without the bolt-on the cost would be £20 more – costing the user £31.85.

The new bolt-on also will also enable Kia drivers to access IONITY’s 400 high-power charging points across 24 European countries with similar discounted charging rates.

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