LEASING broker LeaseForce is aiming to put the wheels under members of the police and armed forces.

The Cambridgeshire broker offers personal leasing deals it markets to the two groups and says it is looking to expand into similar areas, such as the prison service, in the future.

Created in 2019 by two colleagues from BMW Park Lane – Matthew Lang and Andrew Smith –  the pair took on a Bridle Group franchise in early 2020.

We had spent 10 years working for BMW at Park Lane, London, and spent a lot of time selling to the police and military. However, it became increasingly frustrating to lose deals because we could only sell BMWs and MINIs, which is when we had the idea of the LeaseForce brand. We then got introduced to Bridle and it grew from there.

Matthew Lang, director, LeaseForce

Lang says that the first year of trading had been tough – “We were one of the first to go through the Bridle induction process, and no sooner had we finished than COVID struck,” he says.

Matthew Lang
Lang: ex-BMW Park Lane

“Still we’ve survived and sold the target number of 100 vehicles in our first year. But we expect 2021 to be substantially better.”

Lang says he and Smith are enjoying the autonomy of running their own business rather than being a cog in a bigger organisation.

“We market our offers to our target market of police and armed forces – there are so many leasing companies out there you need something to differentiate yourself. And with our knowledge of this specialist market area, we see it as a real selling point,” adds Lang.

Apparently Skodas are one of the most popular brands among the police, so we asked LeaseForce for their top brands liked by the police and armed forces.

LeaseForce top five brands leased to the police and armed forces

1 Skoda 

2 VW


4 Mercedes-Benz

5 Audi

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