MANCHESTER-based leasing broker Leasing Options has teamed up with LifeWorks, a total well-being solution, to help support staff and provide mental health assistance.

The broker says that it recognises the pandemic has affected people in a variety of ways, and that by working with LifeWorks it can  provide advice and support on a variety of issues including coping with change, future proofing finances post covid and tips to deal with worry

Covid has had a huge impact on everyone in so many ways, and we want to make sure that we support our colleagues in adjusting to the ‘new normal’ and provide support for any staff who find elements of life, post-lockdown, challenging.

Mike Thompson, COO, Leasing Options

Mental health top tips from Leasing Options

Stay up to date with official Government guidelines

While there is so much talk of what people should and should do – it’s really important to focus on the official guidelines issued from the Government and NHS respectively

Ask for help

It’s really important to know that your feelings are valid and should be valued. If you feel anxious or scared about meeting people in the ‘outside’ world after a period of lockdown it’s perfectly understandable. Don’t be scared or embarrassed to ask for help and support. 

Protect yourself

One of the biggest fears continues to be the risk of contracting Covid. Where possible – protect yourself by continuing to wash your hands regularly, maintain a safe distance when out in public and keep surfaces sanitised and clean to reduce the spread of germs. 

Stay connected

Lockdown forced so many people to be isolated and stopped people from spending time together and socialising. The last impact of this has reduced to increase levels of loneliness and feelings of isolation. It’s important to try and re-introduce yourself to more social contexts to connect to other people and extend your support system again. 

Speak to your employer

If you are worried about any element of returning to work, please do speak to your employer. Flexible working options can easily be discussed and should always be considered.

Mike added: “We’re known for considering our staff as part of our Leasing Options family and are committed to working with every one of our team to make sure they feel happy and healthy – both mentally and physically – while working with us. 

“We launched a full range of flexible working options at the beginning of the pandemic and have committed to offer the same post lockdown wherever possible. Whether it be alternate working patterns or varied and mixed working from home/office routines – we want to work together to help provide the best working environment for our staff to thrive. Once staff are trained and able we will always look at their role and see what flexibility and support we can offer within that “

“Our priority is making sure our staff know that we understand how they feel and are here for them to help.” 

Thompson added that the investment by Leasing Options in the LifeWorks platform would also help improve staff financial well-being with savings on everyday purchases, from Apple store products to pizza, and from supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco. He said that Lifeworks would also offer support via counselling on any personal issues as well as help meet health and fitness goals.

Prior to the pandemic – it was considered that almost 25 per cent of people working within the automotive industry suffered with mental health issues. Following Covid, those figures are expected to have significantly increased. 

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