LEASING broker funder Leasys has introduced an innovative pay-as-you-go leasing model for the Fiat Professional Doblo Cargo.

Called Leasys Miles, the concept has been already introduced on the Fiat 500, where users pay £99 a month followed by 19.2p per mile.

Leasys Miles works in a similar fashion for business contract hire with the van: following a small initial payment, and then regular monthly payments, the balance of the lease is charged by the mile. The less a customer drives, the less they pay.

Such a leasing scheme is made possible by black box technology that tracks vehicle movements and calculates payments.

In the case of the Fiat Professional Doblo Cargo L1 Diesel 1.3 80, that means:

Pay as you go van leasing from Leasys

Leasys Miles Doblo

  • an initial rental of just £149
  • followed by 47 monthly payments of £149
  • and a pay-as-you-go charge of 0.25 pence per mile.

Even then, the first 500 miles are included at no additional charge.

Sebastiano Fedrigo, managing director of Leasys, said:

“With so many small businesses facing enormous economic challenges brought about by the pandemic, so many of them have been crying out for innovative financing products like Leasys Miles and we are delighted to be able to introduce it on the Doblo Cargo.

“With further lockdowns a possibility, few small businesses are in a position to commit to traditional leasing arrangements yet they still need access to smart, reliable, efficient and practical vans in order to function. This new deal is the perfect solution.”

The Doblo van is also available on Leasys Miles as a PCH option, too

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