THE leasing broker marketing portal, Moneyshake, reports a change in consumer preferences for leasing deals.

The lease aggregator says that the shift in behaviour – for reduced length of car lease and for fewer miles – is most likely a reaction to the pandemic.

The key statistics reported by Moneyshake are:

  • Enquiries on the shortest lease contract (24 months) have doubled in the last six months.
  • Enquiries on 5,000 annual mileage contracts have increased from 5% to 35% in the last six months.

We’ve seen a dramatic shift in the market with more people working from home due to the pandemic and travel restrictions meaning cars use in general is down. A surge in demand for lower mileage contracts and short-term agreements speaks to underpinning customer confidence in today’s climate.

Eben Lovatt, CEO, Moneyshake

In addition, the lease marketing portal said that enquiries for EVs had also increased. Moneyshake was launched in 2019.

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