UK DRIVERS expect to lower their average mileage, even with the country planning on ‘going back to normal’ after restrictions ease. That’s thanks in part to a shift in working patterns bringing about ongoing changes to how and when we travel.

Findings from’s May data show that customers reckon they will travel 20% less in the next 12 months compared with pre-COVID times. According to the broker leasing deal aggregator, with the average annual mileage for leasing enquiries is now 8,000 miles rather than 10,000 miles a year and a half ago.

Alongside average mileage dropping by a fifth, there has been a significant increase in interest in electrified vehicles, with combined pure-electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid model enquiries now ahead of diesel cars for the first time.

In January 2020, combined electrified model enquiries were three times lower than that of diesel-powered vehicles. Petrol remains the main fuel type for now, but the shift to electric and hybrid models shows just how quickly things can change.

Key manufacturers for UK drivers include Cupra, with its new Formentor (pictured above) aiding a 207% increase in enquiries in May. The Cupra Formentor was the most enquired about model in May for

Despite that, there are a number of familiar names in the top 10 manufacturers list, many of which include a strong line-up of electric and electrified models. These are:

  • 1. Volkswagen
  • 2. BMW
  • 3. Audi
  • 4. Cupra
  • 5. Land Rover
  • 6. Vauxhall
  • 7. Mercedes-Benz
  • 8. Volvo
  • 9. Skoda
  • 10. Ford

Paul Harrison,’s head of strategic partnerships, said:

The average annual mileage driven by UK motorists has been falling for a number of years, but this trend has been accelerated as a result of us all staying local in the past 12 months. Reduced mileage, changing working patterns, environmental concerns and increased choice of vehicles have all contributed to the surge in interest in EVs at the expense of diesel models.

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