EV tyres wear out faster than ICE tyres according to epyx

TYRES don’t last as long on EVs. Epyx says the average mileage reduction compared to an ICE car is 6,350.

Data taken from the company’s 1link Service Network platform suggest the first tyre change for electric cars is taking place at an average of 17,985 miles and 551 days old, compared to 24,641 miles and 585 days for hybrids, and 24,335 and 670 days for petrol and diesel cars.

Previous information released by epyx earlier this year also suggested that EV tyres are both bigger and more expensive than petrol or diesel equivalents. The average replacement tyre fitted to an EV was 18.59 inches and cost £207. The corresponding figures for an ICE equivalent were 17.40 inches and £130.

We’ve explained before that our data in this area needs to be approached with a degree of caution because of the samples involved. Most EVs operated by fleets tend to be at least the size of a family hatchback with comparatively few smaller vehicles yet available, so the electric cars on our platform tend to skew towards larger models. However, even bearing that in mind, both the new data and the figures we have released previously do seem to suggest that EV tyres are wearing faster and are more expensive to replace. There is no denying that 6,350 miles and £77 are quite significant gaps, and EV tyres are undoubtedly costing fleets more money in real world terms at the moment.

Doug Hyett Fleet Operations

Fleet Operations appoints new commercial director

CONGRATULATIONS to experienced fleet executive Doug Hyett who has been appointed to the newly created role of commercial director at Fleet Operations.

Doug has extensive leasing experience, most recently as national fleet sales manager  at Volkswagen UK and previously head of mega fleets and sales director at Lex Autolease.

In his new role, Doug will oversee the commercial development of Fleet Operations, growing its UK customer base and products, while driving cost-efficiency savings for fleets on their net zero journeys.

“Doug’s appointment marks the latest step in an exciting chapter for Fleet Operations, as we continue our rapid growth trajectory, injecting fresh thinking, innovation and energy into the fleet automotive sector,” said Richard Hipkiss, managing director, Fleet Operations.

Europcar small business autumn 23 offer

Europcar helps small businesses plug into EV benefits with autumn promotion

SMALL businesses are being incentivised to try electric motoring with an autumn offer from Europcar Mobility Group UK.

The company says anyone opening a new Europcar online business account can save 20% off electric vehicle rental this autumn. Vehicles available on the Europcar fleet include the ORA Funky Cat, MG4, Mercedes-Benz EQ range and Tesla Model 3.

“The expansion of the London ULEZ as well as the launch of many other low and zero emissions zones in cities across the UK is helping with the switch to electric vehicles,” commented Mark Newberry, commercial director and sustainability spokesperson at Europcar Mobility Group UK. “However, the cost and availability of new electric vehicles is a barrier for some organisations; there’s also continued uncertainty about charging infrastructure and impact on productivity.

“Now is the time to give colleagues a real-world electric vehicle experience without a business having to make a long-term financial commitment. Providing access to the newest, most environmentally friendly vehicles as and when required, Europcar EV rental allows businesses to try-before-they-buy. Our customers have found that EVs fit into their business much more easily than they expected, reduce mobility costs and provide a valuable boost in meeting emissions targets.”

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