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WORKING as a leasing broker is a tough but rewarding job. When supplying a van, you need to make sure the van will be: 

  1. reliable and 
  2. do the job for the customer. 

Tough as it might be, it’s a great feeling when you match a customer with the right van in the right timescales. 

It’s no secret the van market is suffering – like the car market – from lack of stock thanks to the shortage of semiconductors. Couple that with the push towards electrification and the good old days of a 7-14 day delivery turnaround seem like a very distant memory!

Now the new challenge is actually finding a van, even if it’s a factory order we are still worried that the build dates are going to move. So, here’s a thought…

Have you considered or even looked at the Maxus range?

Some people still think the Maxus is a van in the LDV van line up. That was then. Today Maxus is a completely different proposition with a firm steer towards fully electric LCVs.

Here’s what’s available in the Maxus range

  • Deliver 9 Diesel Long Wheel Base van and chassis cab.
  • eDeliver 3 (100% electric) comes in both a panel van and chassis cab and two different battery sizes.
  • eDeliver 9 (100% electric) comes in both a panel van and chassis cab and three different battery sizes.

Take a further look at the product range and specifications by clicking Rivervale Maxus.

Vans in stock

Here’s the good news: Rivervale Maxus has vans in stock. The eDeliver 3 (although they’re going fast!) and eDeliver 9 can be delivered within 7-14 days subject to contract.

There’s further good news, according to Rob Semple, sales manager at Rivervale Maxus:

In addition to the electric vans, we have Deliver 9 diesel vans on order that we expect to see in April, a lead time you are unlikely to match elsewhere.

Lastly, why use Rivervale Maxus? It’s a simple answer: use a dealer that knows what a broker needs! Contact details below:

The dealer that knows what a broker needs
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