WORTHING based broker OSV has managed to keep the wheels of the NHS turning by delivering a new lease car to a consultant surgeon despite the lockdown.

A delivery was due to a consultant surgeon in Yorkshire on March 30, but with dealerships now closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, delivery had become a real issue.
Nevertheless, the OSV team found a way.

Andrew Kirkley, director of OSV, explained:

“Thanks to the strong relationships our company has built, one of the many people we contacted was able to help and as a company OSV has been able to contribute a little towards ensuring a frontline NHS Consultant Surgeon isn’t without vital transport, two days earlier than originally expected.”

Kirkley added that the company had also managed to assist a business that supplies and repairs equipment for the NHS and for care homes.

Kirkely continued:

“Both of these important services our customer would be unable to carry out without the delivery of his new vehicle, thanks to the help of our dedicated team.”

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