GLASGOW-based brokerage Fleet Alliance says that more than 4000 employees from 54 different companies are now using its SME-focused salary sacrifice scheme.

The scheme, which was launched in August last year, offers savings of up to 50% compared with running a personal lease car, and can help a company’s employees beat the cost of living crisis.

Further savings to under-pressure-bank-accounts can be found in the switch from an ICE vehicle to an EV under a salary sacrifice scheme.

The fleet management and leasing broker compared the costs of a personal lease versus a salary sacrifice lease on a Mercedes EQA. The savings were up to 50% using salsac.

It really is a no-brainer. Over a three-year deal, the savings under our salary sacrifice scheme for the electric car add up to a massive £24,000 – a huge boost for any household with inflation currently at 9% and fuel prices at record levels.

There is little wonder we are seeing such a huge interest in our salary sacrifice scheme when British household incomes are under cost pressure like never before.

Andy Bruce, CEO, Fleet Alliance

Andy added that the savings continued thanks to using charge points rather than fuel pumps, thanks to the record prices being recorded at fuel filling stations.

Andy Bruce on salary sacrifice
Andy Bruce: no-brainer

Comparing the same Mercedes against an Audi Q5, Fleet Alliance calculated that an employee could save a further £6000 over three years.

Our comparison shows how much money you could be saving by switching from fuel pump to electric charger. Over three years, that’s a £6,000 fuel cost saving which could help motorists to budget more efficiently and save money, despite the rising cost of living.

Andy went on to say that he was not surprised there had been such a huge interest in the Fleet Alliance salary sacrifice scheme.

A salary sacrifice scheme takes maximum advantage of prevailing tax regimes and the growing movement to electric cars. And it provides an excellent opportunity to reduce a company’s carbon footprint while providing employees with a brand-new electric vehicle at minimal benefit-in-kind impact.

In short, given the current economic circumstances, there has never been a better time to acquire a brand-new all-electric car through a salary sacrifice scheme, like ours, than now.

Fleet Alliance Cost Saving Examples

Mercedes sal sac savings
Mercedes EV versus Audi petrol

Source: Fleet Alliance

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