SILVERSTONE Fleet Management has moved website providers and is now operating on an Automotus platform.

The new website offers an improved user experience (UX) and increased automation for improved efficiency.

Silverstone says it hopes the change will improve its customer satisfaction rating further and help the broker in the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards for Best Customer Service.

Our new website benefits from what we like to call ‘friendly automation’. Our team is still forward-facing but we’ve automated certain parts of the website to provide more frictionless progress. For example, previously clients visiting our website would put in a request for a quotation and then a member of our team would email them a PDF response. On average this would take about 45 minutes and it would mean that the client would have to leave our website to look at their response. We’ve now automated this process so everything is done through the website. 

Scott Norville, managing director, Silverstone Fleet Management

Norville added that the new system was generating an 85% increase in efficiency from the point of enquiry to sending the quotation.

Scott Norville

LinkedIn video star

Followers of Silverstone Fleet Management and Scott Norville (left) on the business social media platform LinkedIn will be familiar with Norville’s direct to camera videos which came to prominence during the start of the pandemic and a source of inspiration for many local business owners. 

Norville says:  “The past 12 months have been hard for everyone but there are so many positive things happening in our business that it’s impossible for us not to feel upbeat about the future. Business has been booming since the end of 2020 and we set an all-time sales record in February. This was partially due to lots of existing customers renewing with us and the fact our whole team has been very active on LinkedIn during the past six months. They’ve produced some fantastic video content to highlight what we’re working on as well as items which show off our team’s personality.

“As a result, we’ve received lots of requests for quotations via the platform and I couldn’t be more proud of the way our team has grown in confidence and become even more proactive in their communications.”


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