WELL-RESPECTED industry executive Simon West-Oliver has left broker fleet management supplier ODO after 18 years to join AssetWorks.

Based in Manchester, AssetWorks is a leading provider of fleet and asset management software and West-Oliver has been appointed sales and business development director.

He is tasked with helping the AssetWorks team to build on its growing success as a global fleet management software provider. West-Oliver brings over 30 years’ experience that spans high technology automotive fleet, transport, distribution, logistics control systems and supply chain solutions.

These are exciting times for the automotive sector, as we see the greatest changes around decarbonisation, mobility management and the growing emphasis on usage as opposed to ownership. The shift from oil to data being the real powering source, requires a different type of fleet management that is more integral and environmentally responsible. AssetWorks is one of the few organisations that can deliver the software this new infrastructure will demand and support the industry stakeholders ability to embrace the emerging new mobility demands.

Simon West-Oliver, sales and business development director, AssetWorks

Mike Gadd, managing director of AssetWorks International, added:

We are delighted to welcome Simon to the board at AssetWorks as we expand our fleet and asset management software reach to new territories.

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