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BIK changes drive salary sacrifice boom at Octopus EV

Salary Sacrifice Polestar2 EV charging

THE EV specialist broker, Octopus EV, says it has seen a boom in salary sacrifice since the April changes to benefit in kind. The leasing broker says it has seen the number of drivers opting to lease an electric vehicle almost double since the tax change compared with the six months prior to April. The impact has been staggering. The tax changes…

How can you make salary sacrifice work for your customers?

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TYPE into your search engine of choice – OK, Google then – and enter salary sacrifice cars. At the latest count there were 13.4m entries about salary sacrifice. Following the benefit in kind changes in April 2020, salary sacrifice has become widely talked about as a way for drivers to go green by driving electric cars or plug-in hybrids, and for companies…